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Dale Ziegler - The Belt GuyDale Ziegler ~ The "Belt Guy"

My name is Dale Ziegler, and I am Big River Sales. You will find me to be a big guy, with a big voice, and a straight-to-the-point communication style. And I can tell some great stories too. I will be the first one to tell you, I do have strong opinions and get right to the important facts about what features are good and bad, when it comes to belt trailers. My main motto is never to sell a problem, or a trailer that you, my customer, doesn’t need.

In 1993, when I first heard a trailer described as “Live Bottom” and worked for Red River Manufacturing in West Fargo ND, I began my extensive learning curve on belt trailers. I have sold new & used belt trailers ever since and have comprehensive knowledge of: Red River, Trail King, Flowboy, Aulick and Trinity Trailers.

Belt trailers must perform in the toughest environment of Construction and Agriculture. All the trailers listed above, have strong points and weaknesses.

When we begin to work together, I start first, by asking you if a particular brand is preferred, and what you are hauling. Our phone conversation can go anywhere from there. I can’t find or sell a trailer unless I know the need.

I have sold belt trailers to haul every conceivable commodity including the United States Mail!

I have a rather long list of customers, that have become friends over time, and they will always be my best references. I have sold belt trailers to haul every conceivable commodity to include the United Staes mail! I will always say to you, it’s better to hear real details from a actual user than from a salesman. 

After 20 plus years of watching the evolution of Belt Trailers, I stay with what I know best. I learn something new everyday, and enjoy the search, for what my customer needs.

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